Who we are

Grupa Wodna is one of the first commercial swimming schools in Poland. It has been operating since 2002, its founder is Marcin Trudnowski, an excellent long-distance swimmer, teacher and swimming teacher. More information about him is included in the link below: Marcin Trudnowski

We run classes in our Swimming School at the Dolinka Water Recreation Center in Elbląg. We offer swimming lessons and improvement on your swimming techniques for people of all ages and levels.

We run groups (small pool up to 12 people, large pool up to 15 people) and individual classes. At our Swimming School, we focus primarily on the quality of classes with high safety standards. We have developed our own training program for children, adolescents and adults based on many years of experience. We teach all swimming styles and improve swimming techniques.

What we offer:

– swimming lessons for children, adolescents and adults,
– improving swimming for children, adolescents and adults,
– individual classes that we also run at the client’s home,
– economical swimming workshops, improving technique and      swimming training for amateur swimmers

Classes at the Swimming School are run by qualified instructors and swimming trainers with many years of experience. The office of the Water Group is located in Elbląg on 12 Lutego 8A street. Check on the map on how to find us: Grupa Wodna. Information and registration at the Swimming School: biuro@grupawodna.pl, phone: 603 717 234.

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Price list of the Water Group Swimming School are included in the link below: prices

Included in the price is the admission to the swimming pool (70 minutes) and exclusively reserved tracks and training pool (depending on the level of advancement). In addition, learning games are run by the animators of the Water Group. At the end of the course, diplomas and stickers for children are awarded so that the parent and child know at what stage are the development of their swimming skills. Swimming development plan for parents are also included.

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