Speedboat for 1-6 persons 9,9KM without a licence (Category D/600kg)
up to 25 mins/90 zł
up to 55 mins/150 zł
Late return fee: every extra minute charged at 5zł/min
The price includes petrol and life jackets.

Kayak for 2 (3) persons (including a young child) up to 25 mins/12 zł
up to 55 mins/18 zł
up to 1h 55 mins/29 zł
every next hour begun +12 zł
full day hire – 75 zł
The price includes paddles and life jackets.
Late return fee:
up to 15 mins/10 zł
every subsequent 15mins begun/6 zł
Delivery/pickup of kayaks to/from a place chosen by the client: 4zł/km
Kayak trailer hire: 100 zł/day

Pedalo for 2-5 persons
up to 25 mins/25 zł
up to 55 mins/40 zł
Late return fee:
up to 15 mins/10 zł
every subsequent 15mins begun/10 zł

Omega sailing dinghy (2-5 persons)
up to 55 mins/25 zł
up to 1h 55 mins/40 zł
full day hire – 99 zł
Does not require a sailing licence, however sailing skills are mandatory.

Optimist sailing dinghy
up to 55 mins/19 zł
up to 1h 55 mins/26 zł
up to 2h 55 mins/39 zł
Does not require a sailing licence, however sailing skills are mandatory.

up to 55 mins/12 zł
up to 1h 55 mins/20 zł
every next hour begun +10 zł

5% discount for current (this summer) participants of our Grupa Wodna Summer Camps in Władysławowo or Grupa Wodna Day Camps in Elbląg.
5% discount for current members of the Grupa Wodna Swim School (be sure to show your Swim School card!)
The discounts can be combined!
The prices displayed are brutto and contain 23% VAT.
Refundable deposit: 100 zł

Terms and Conditions of Speedboat hire without a licence.

  1. The rented watercraft must be used by the hirer in accordance with its intended use, technical parameters, and in accordance with the instruction manual for the vessel.
  2. Speedboats may only be rented by an an adult who must present a valid ID document. Minors can be present on board, provided that they are the full responsibility of the adult renting the boat.
  1. It is forbidden to drop off or pick up passengers anywhere other than the starting point of the hire – the Grupa Wodna marina.
  1. It is forbidden to dock at other quays, embankments or other place on the riverbank, as well as to other boats.
  1. It is forbidden to take the boat outside the following area: – from the east, the confluence of the Elbląg River and the Jagiellonian Canal, – from the west, the railway bridge over the Elbląg River.
  1. It is forbidden to come closer than 2m to the riverbank.
  1. When passing under bridges, you should go under the middle span of the bridge, while keeping a safe distance from the pillars supporting the bridge, sticking to the right side of the waterway.
  1. In places marked with buoys, you should follow the path marked by them and pass between them.
  1. Right-hand traffic applies on the waterways.
  1. You should always gives way to all other vessels.
  1. There is a 3 knot speed limit on the river, and it is strictly forbidden to plane the boat. The person operating the boat is required to adjust the speed to the prevailing conditions, taking into account other vessels present on the river, and should exercise particular caution. It is forbidden to make waves in the area between drawbridges and in the vicinity of piers and other moored vessels.

Information and prohibitions for people using kayaks, pedalos, dinghies and speedboats on inland waterways.

  1. It is forbidden to be on board any of the above-mentioned watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that may impair judgement.
  2. It is forbidden to be on board any of the above-mentioned watercraft if not wearing life jackets, with particular emphasis on children under 16 years of age.
  1. All persons renting any of the above-mentioned watercraft take full responsibility for the vessel and its occupants – this is associated with both civil and criminal liability in the event of damage or destruction of the rented equipment, other vessels, as well as the loss of health or life by causing or participating in a collision.
  1. The rental company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of collisions, accidents, the loss of health or life of the persons on board the watercraft, as well as other persons involved in the collision or accident, which may result in the loss of health or life. This applies from the moment the vessel is unmoored to the moment it is re-moored back at the place of hire, the Grupa Wodna marina.

Rental Agreement & Declaration

I declare that I have read the Terms & Conditions for the equipment hire, Information on the rules of navigating inland waterways, I have been trained by the rental station personnel, I understand how to safely steer and navigate the vessel, how to safely stop the vessel, how to control the speed and direction of the vessel, and I take full responsibility for my health and life as well as that of my crew, as well as the equipment entrusted to me. I agree to cover the cost of any damage caused to the vessel by my actions in accordance with the price list provided by the owner of the rental company. I commit to wearing a life jacket on the vessel, according to the instructions given to me by the rental station personnel. In the case of the time limit of the rental being exceeded, I agree to cover the cost of the additional time through a deduction of the deposit returned to me, according to the price list. I acquainted myself with the technical condition of the piers/docks and the rules and regulations which apply on the premises of the marina, and I declare that I know them, understand and accept them.

The Grupa Wodna Marina

It is FORBIDDEN to walk or stand on the temporary piers.

The temporary piers should only be used to walk one-by-one to the rented vessel.

WARNING! The temporary pier is moveable – it is not permanently attached to the riverbank, and it is made up of many connected elements. Being on the temporary pier is ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK.