Grupa Wodna is located in Elbląg in Poland and was established in 2002 – it has been successfully developing since then and every year it reaches new heights and offers new, unusual and creative programs for children’s leisure to the youth tourism market.

We invite your child to discover a new world… the world of sports, health, sun, passions and desire for results. We offer to spend holidays with Grupa Wodna and become a worthy member of the Academy of Water Sports

Dates of the shifts – 1) 24.06-05.07 2) 05.07-16.07 3) 16.07-27.07 4) 27.07-07.08 5) 07.08-1.08

Age of participants from 8 to 16 years.

Program of the Academy of Water Sports in the town Wladyslawowo (Baltic Sea coast close to the Hel Spit, shallow „Pucka” bay – limited access to the open sea from all sides)

Classes will be held in groups of 8 people.

Active course of windsurfing – the science and improvement of acquired skills.

Motorboat control, training with instructors on 5 new boats.

First step of the scuba diving – learning the basic behaviors and techniques of underwater communication in the full equipment in shallow seasons pool.

Training in first aid (training on professional phantoms, orthopedic boards).

„Landing jumps into water” from a motorboat in life jackets and protective suits, the first driving skills of “sea transport”.

Mega SUP (standing up paddle) integration and team building activities.

Canoe trip along the bird sanctuary „Słone Łąki”.

Yachting sport – sailing with instructors on the two masts (3 sails) yacht.

Shooting practice (in a specially equipped shooting range, pneumatic long gun, under the supervision of a sports instructor)

Cycling – group trips (perfectly prepared bike trails along the sea)

Climbing (up a special wall with protrusions, children will climb in special equipment for climbing)

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football, volleyball, badminton matches, visiting a souvenir town, a viewing tower,

bonfire with grilled sausages and disco, daily games, contests and entertainment on the Baltic beaches, psychological studies: the ability to cooperate with the team, find a common language with peers and solving non-standard tasks.

We want to emphasize

We are not supporters of the modular system of tourists. In no case, a child who travels to our camp will not pay extra for any excursions or entertainment indicated in the program (it’s all inclusive program, and .. there is no separation of children into the best and worst, based on the amount of pocket money).

Living conditions: 3x- meals a day, new 3-storey boarding house, rooms (for 2,3,4,5 people) with all facilities (shower, toilet, washbasin, new furniture) and some rooms have balconies, cozy dining room, sport fields, a special place for a bonfire with a grill, concert hall with multimedia equipment.

The territory of the pension is fenced, lighted and guarded 24/7.

Our staff

At the specified races we provide experienced and qualified Russian-Polish-English speaking instructors.

Our team of instructors is assembled from the best specialists, athletes, Fans of water sports. Year after year, these people organize bright, fascinating, unforgettable, but at the same time totally safe children’s summer holiday.

All teachers are water rescuers, swimming instructors, navigators (with experience of sea voyages), kayakers, rowing instructors, sailing sportsmen, fitness instructors, certified psychologists, first medical instructors. There are European champions in triathlon, champions of Poland in swimming among us.

Price: Dates of the shifts I-IV 695 Euro, V 595 Euro.

Included in the price:

training for all sports mentioned in the program classes with qualified instructors insurance (polish)

3 meals a day and accommodation rental of all sports equipment

camp entertainment

Gratis from camp organizers (a branded T-shirt, a CD with photos for safekeeping, a diploma and a participant’s book with results)

Extra charge

We can meet your child at Gdansk airport, accompany him (her) to the camp and back for only 25 Euro!

You can get familiar with pictures from last year using the link

For additional questions, please contact us at the office in Elbląg:

Victoria Trudnowska,, +48 669 172 909

Olga Vaytkene